The labels of Natura Siberica products are marked with the "Active organics" seal. What does it mean? The seal indicates that these products contain extract of herbs and plants cultivated according to the laws of organic farming. In Europe and the US, this is ensured by special supervising bodies, and the plants are being cultivated on the land specially designated for organic farming. In Russia, we don't have any such-like supervising authorities yet, however, we still have preserved the oasis's of "organic" nature. The plants growing there are not being treated with any chemicals, the air is crystal pure, and the soil has been formed for centuries. It is there, in these particular reservations, we get most part of botanicals for our cosmetic products.





01.05.2014 The First Organic Farm in Russia


Natura Siberica creates the first organic farm in Russia where rare Siberian herbs and flowers will be planted. Unsurprisingly we decided to create the farm in Khakassia when you discover that it is only this unique region where lots of some of rare Siberian herbs grow. Our organic farm is certified by the European bio- standard EU 834/ 07. The area of the farm is 33 hectares; and thus it’s the largest in Europe!  
Together with local farmers we have cultivated 16 hectares of land and planted
Rhodiola Rosea. By the end of summer 2014 we are going to plant 14 species of rare Siberian herbs. Moreover, there will be a...⇒

“Summer 2013. Khakassia. Virgin land”

“Summer 2013. Khakassia. Virgin land”


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